On 31st January 2022, the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) was consolidated into the IFRS Foundation to support the work of the newly established International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). While this site and its resources remain relevant for preparers looking to improve sustainability disclosure until such time as the ISSB issues its IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards on such topics, no further work or guidance will be produced or published by CDSB. For further information please visit the IFRS website.

CDSB will collaborate on preparation of Sustainability Standards Board

Today the IFRS Foundation has invited CDSB to join a working group to accelerate convergence in global sustainability reporting.

The working group will provide technical recommendations, including further development of the climate prototype released in December by the Group of 5 reporting standard setters, as a potential basis for the new board to build on existing initiatives and develop standards for climate-related reporting and other sustainability topics.

CDSB Chairman Richard Samans commented: “CDSB’s creation in 2007 was a response to the absence of an international standard for the disclosure of material environmental information in mainstream corporate reports. We are encouraged by the prospect of the creation of such a sustainability standard by the IFRS, which would represent in principle the culmination of our original vision.  We are therefore pleased to be part of the working group it is convening to help prepare the technical ground for such an effort, building in part upon the CDSB Framework and the use of it by over 500 large listed companies around the world.”

CDSB Managing Director Mardi McBrien said: “The purpose of CDSB was not to exist forever, but to develop a framework that can be adopted by authoritative bodies like the IFRS Foundation. We look forward to collaborating with the other organisations on enterprise value creation in the working group, including the IFRS Foundation, International Accounting Standards Board, Value Reporting Foundation and the WEF International Business Council.”

CDP which provides the world’s environmental disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions, has hosted CDSB’s global Secretariat since its inception and will also engage closely with the working group.

Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP said: “Helping CDSB develop over the last 15 years from such ambitious beginnings, we are proud to see that vision on the cusp of becoming a reality. CDSB has become a world leading organisation providing invaluable tools to the market to bring environmental reporting to financial standard setters. This is the next, and final, step in that process. At CDP we look forward to informing and supporting the IFRS process with our expertise on environmental disclosure and data”





Patrick Hanrahan, Head of Communications, CDSB

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About CDSB

The Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) is an international consortium of business and environmental NGOs. We are committed to advancing and aligning the global mainstream corporate reporting model to equate natural and social capital with financial capital.

We do this by offering companies a framework for reporting environment- and social-related information with the same rigour as financial information. In turn this helps them to provide investors with decision-useful environmental information via the mainstream corporate report, enhancing the efficient allocation of capital. Regulators have also benefited from CDSB’s compliance-ready materials.

Recognising that information about natural, social and financial capital is equally essential for an understanding of corporate performance, our work builds trust and transparency needed to foster resilient capital markets. Collectively, we aim to contribute to more sustainable economic, social and environmental systems.